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If your car's A/C system is not blowing cold air like it used to, it may need to be serviced. Over time, the refrigerant in the system can leak, requiring a recharge to restore the ideal amount and pressure of refrigerant. It is important to address any leaks in the system before recharging to avoid damage. Attempting to recharge the system yourself can lead to improper pressure and potential damage. Additionally, if your car needs A/C recharging, it likely has a small leak that should be fixed. Seeking professional help from a service center is recommended for better results.

A/C recharging Branches

Nacita Autocare Mohandeseen Branch

Misr Petroleum Station- 7 Gamaet El Dowal El Arabeya St., corner of the Arabian Peninsula

02 - 330 458 25

Nacita Autocare Maady Branch

Mobil Station, Street 9- In front of Maadi Metro Station

02 - 238 077 95

Nacita Autocare Shoubra Branch

158 Gesr El Bahr St., near khalafawy square after Nasser institute from Khalafawy square

02 - 219 626 06 (106)

02 - 219 626 09 (106)

Nacita Autocare Zayed 2 - Dahshour Branch

Chill Out Station on Dahshour Link Road , facing Zayed entrance 3

010 063 474 61

Nacita Autocare Sheraton Branch

Mobil Station- Abdel Hamid Badawy street after Radisson Blue - 1133 Sheraton residence, Masr El Gedida

02 - 226 959 80

Nacita Autocare Rehab Branch

Eastern Commercial Market, Next to Gate F24, F23 - El-Rehab City

02 - 202 97 123

Nacita Autocare Obour 2 Chill Out Branch

Chill Out station - El-Obour Street next to Carrefour El- Obour (on the right)

Nacita Autocare Ibrahimeya Branch

Misr Petroleum Station – 199 El Horeya St, Alex.

03 - 427 2944

Nacita Autocare Camb Shizar Branch

Misr Petroleum Station – 81 El-Gesh way intersecting with Haiha St. - Camp Caesar

03 - 5922857

Nacita Autocare Kattameya Branch

Chill Out Station Hasballah Al Kafrawy, located on the corridore in the direction of Kattameya.


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